The UEFA Euro Cup rivals the FIFA World Cup in terms of international significance. While the World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world, many argue that the Euro Cup is the most difficult international tournament to win. Similar to the World Cup, the Euro Cup takes place every four years, resulting in a two-year break between these two exciting competitions. Since 1960, soccer fans have enjoyed the excitement of betting on the Euros. Who do you think will win Euro 2016? Will Spain retain their title as Europe’s best? 


What Are The Current Euro Cup 2016 Standings?

It’s best to know the current standings before making your online bets. And if it’s the business end of the competition, you’ll want to know about each and every knockout stage matchup. 


Where Can I Bet On Euro Cup 2016 Online?

There’s so many options at your disposal when it comes to online Europa Leage sports betting. People love betting on the Euro Cup, and for good reason. The excitement always intensifies 10-fold when a wager has been placed. So join the masses and get involved in the Euro Cup action today. Have a look below to find the online sportsbook that is tailor fitted for your wagering needs.  

What You Need To Know For Betting On Euro 2016

Germany, Spain and France have accounted for more than half of all Euro Cup titles. Germany has been a finalist in six tournaments, winning half of them, tied with Spain with three championships after the Spanish became the first country to win back-to-back World Cups in 2008 and 2012. The West German team made three consecutive finals during the 70’s and early 80s, winning the 1972 and 1980 Euros. Only three Euro Cup finals have not included Germany, Spain, Italy or France.

Euro 2016 is being hosted by France, who hope to take advantage of friendly environs in an effort to regain prominence on the international soccer scene, which was shattered by Zidane’s headbutt after the French took the 1998 World Cup and the 2000 Euros.

For the first time, UEFA is allowing 24 teams to compete in the tournament, expanding the field against the wishes of German and English soccer officials.

Euro Cup 2016 Online Betting Tips

The optimal time to bet on Euro Cup 2016 is during the group stages as a few of the weaker teams competing are pitted against teams who are seeded, often creating a slight mismatch.

For example, France has one of the easier groups in the competition as they face Albania, Romania, and Switzerland. France is expected top the group in convincing fashion, which offers a chance to bet on each game. Or you could play a parlay for all three group games. We highly recommend betting on France to top the group.

English football advocates are, as you’d imagine, extremely biased when it comes to betting on their team. Usually, this decreases the odds for England winning a game, which in turn increases the opposition’s odds. We  expect England to qualify for the knockout stages. They have Russia, Slovakia and Wales to contend with. It’s not an easy group by any stretch of the imagination but England, barring a catastrophe on all levels, should advance. We, in fact, believe England is good for a futures bet. Most of the pressure is off of the Three Lions, who are pegged at +800 by Bovada to win Euro 2016. Things happen when you least expect it so back the English for Euro 2016. 

Avoid betting on Group D and Group E at all costs, unless you’re going to go with a lot of draws. In Group E you’ll find Belgium, Italy, Republic of Ireland, and Sweden so the matches are likely to be very tight and difficult to predict.

When it comes to competition-long bets, bear in mind that no team has ever won three consecutive European Championship trophies. In fact, when Spain won Euro 2012, they became the first side in the tournament’s history to win back-to-back competitions.

How To Bet On Euro Cup 2016

When betting on the Euro Cup, it’s important to take into consideration the possibility of draws, which complicates predicting the outcomes of games. However, they do tend to offer decent moneylines for winning bets. For those who need a refresher, a +220 moneyline pays $22.00 on a $10 bet while a $22 bet on a -220 moneyline wins $10 on their wager.

Predicting the total amount of goals by both sides during a single match is another wager that adds suspense to the amazing competition that the Euro Cup offers every four years.