Gambling Wizards Book Review

Richard W. Munchkin scores the scoop from betting professionals in his 2002 offering Gambling Wizards: Conversations With The World's Greatest Gamblers.

Gambling Wizards Book Summary

Interested in knowing what makes the superstars of the betting world tick? Richard W. Munchkin did and elected to dive into the brains of the dynamos of chance. The end result? A breezy and relatively insightful 2002 book with the sensible title Gambling Wizards: Conversations With The World’s Greatest Gamblers.

Munchkin spoke with a number of gamblers across assorted disciplines about their craft and presents the findings in a simple Q&A format driving much of the book. Facing Munchkin’s line of questioning are sports bettors, poker players, a backgammon expert and horse racing gambling superstar Alan Woods. Woods is a fascinating figure in the world of betting, which makes his portion of the book particularly intriguing.

The content within the interviews isn’t quite as sexy or harrowing as you might hope, but it does offer up some valuable insight and splashes of philosophy. There’s no “get rich quick” style soundbites, rather an honest depiction of how past failures helped pave the way for better approaches and strategies. The tête-à-tête format in Gambling Wizards: Conversations With The World’s Greatest Gamblers helps immensely in presenting the subject in a way that’s as entertaining as it is useful. Intriguing anecdotes are peppered throughout this thing, but no mistake, making money as a gambler is something each of the subjects choose to approach with expert focus.

Entertaining, charming and packed with wisdom, Gambling Wizards: Conversations With The World’s Greatest Gamblers offers up a fun read while placing a spotlight on how brilliant bettors approach their craft. It’s not an essential read if you’re looking to improve your betting acumen, but there’s certainly lots to be gained by giving it a shot.