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NBA Odds To Win 2016 Championship

NBA Odds To Win 2016 Championship
The NBA's trade deadline was not overly eventful. No blockbuster deals were completed, and the Orlando Magic, lottery-bound to begin with, were the only team that made drastic changes. Interestingly enough though, the championship odds have shifted.

Now that we’ve reached the business end of the NBA season, it’s time for a look at how the championship odds have changed. Below you’ll find a comprehensive look at Bovada’s most intriguing moneyline odds and how they changed prior to and after the trade deadline.

Who Will Win The NBA Finals?

Atlanta Hawks:

Before: +3300 After: +7500

Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks, despite only acquiring Kirk Hinrich, technically improved their championship odds by not taking a stick of dynamite to their core. Sportsbooks, however, haven’t caught up to that just yet. Indeed, the Hawks have been inconsistent. But the East is a cluster-you-know-what, and any playoff team has the potential to reach the conference finals. If you’re looking for a lucrative long-shot bet, the Hawks are a good option. Taking a flyer on the odds to win the Eastern Conference (+2500) isn’t a bad idea, either.

Boston Celtics

Before: +6600 After: +4000

Boston Celtics

Kudos to those who got in on the ground floor of the Celtics’ rise. By the end of the season, it could be them, not the Hawks or the Toronto Raptors, that emerge as the Cleveland Cavaliers’ biggest threat. Place your dark-horse bets on them now, because they’re only going to decrease. 

Chicago Bulls

Before: +2500 After: +5000


Steer clear of any Bulls bets until Jimmy Butler and Nikola Mirotic are healthy—or at least until the odds hit +7500 or better. The potential payoff isn’t worth the risk involved at this point.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Before: +275 After: +350

Cleveland Cavs

Cavs bettors owe a hearty thank you to the rises of the Celtics and Raptors. Their ascension has made Cleveland “less likely” to reach the NBA Finals and cage its first-ever championship—which is only good news for you, the online sports bettor. The Cavaliers are still the team most likely to come out of the East, giving them a legitimate shot at grabbing the Larry O’Brien Trophy. Don’t bother betting on their conference odds (-400), but pounce on their championship chances before they diminish in curb appeal.

Golden State Warriors

Before: -125 After: -140

Golden State Warriors

The Warriors are no less dangerous than they were before. Any investments you plan on making into their odds should be done before the returns become even more pedestrian than they already are.

Houston Rockets

Before: +6600 After: +12500


The Rockets are a fantastic flyer bet. They look utterly helpless in some games but have the talent to beat any team in the West on any given night. If they can sneak into the playoffs as the seventh seed and avoid early-round matchups against Golden State, they’re an understatedly sexy long-shot pick. Throw your small, afterthought bets down on them now.

Los Angeles Clippers

Before: +2500 After: +2000


Do what you will with the Clippers’ odds. They’re good enough to throw down on, but nowhere near rewarding enough to view them as a must-bet. Acquiring Jeff Green did nothing to improve the Clippers’ on-court product. He may actually hurt them once Blake Griffin returns. Either wait until sportsbooks make their odds more alluring or avoid placing wagers on them altogether. 

Miami Heat

Before: +3300 After: +7500


Chris Bosh’s blood clot issues makes the Heat an iffy pick, and Dwyane Wade is, as per usual, banged up. But the Heat are rising through the Eastern Conference and are in position to evade Cleveland for the first three rounds of the playoffs. They’ve also played the Cavaliers tightly ever since LeBron James left Miami. That drums up the Heat’s championship pull quite a bit. Betting in accordance with their current title odds, as well as their semi-friendly conference chances (+2800), could end up being a shrewdly concocted play.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Before: +750 After: +800


We have seen in recent weeks that the Thunder fall markedly short of rivaling the Cavaliers, Warriors and San Antonio Spurs. Anything under a +1000 isn’t worth considering at this point. It’ll end up being wasted money.

San Antonio Spurs

Before: +400 After: +375


Wager at your own discretion here. Do not even consider the Spurs’ conference odds (+220). If they can beat the Warriors and make it through to the NBA Finals, they’re going to win the championship irrespective of which team comes out of the East. If you have complete faith in San Antonio usurping Golden State, then by all means, bet away.

Toronto Raptors

Before: +5000 After: +4000


View the Raptors as only a whimsical championship play and nothing more. Their conference odds (+550) are nowhere near desirable enough to warrant attention, but a +4000 for a team that has a realistic shot of dethroning the Cavaliers and making it through to the NBA Finals is extremely enticing.

Washington Wizards

Before: +20000 After: +20000


Speaking of extremely enticing, we give you the Wizards’ championsip odds. While it’s possible they could miss the playoffs entirely, they’re within striking distance of a playoff berth. They upgraded the roster by acquiring Markieff Morris and proved only last season that, so long as John Wall is healthy, they can hang with the big boys. Investing in their +20000 has underrated benefits. Even more intriguing are their +7500 conference odds.

Find out the latest NBA game odds, league standings and schedule to help you make the most educated wagers possible. 

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