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The state of Alaska remains under strict restrictions when it comes to gambling of any kind. One of the largest states in geographical size, Alaska does not have any casinos or lotteries as gambling is considered to be explicitly illegal. Alaskans can however take part in “charitable gambling” as long as the games follow very specific guidelines enforced by the Alaska State Gaming Board. We look at some of the gambling options Alaskans have.

Alaska Online Sports Betting is breaking down all 50 American state’s betting laws. In our latest instalment, we look at the rules and regulations in Alaska, one of the United States’ largest geographical states. While traditional gaming remains illegal in the state, there are other ways of placing your money down on a sports bet.

Gambling of any kind — including laying down a wager at a sportsbook — is strictly enforced in the state of Alaska, leaving many with little to no options when looking to put their money on professional level games.

The state does allow Alaskans to organize and operate “traditional games of chance and skill” as long as the operators don’t profit from the games. The only other way gambling can be deemed legal is if it’s done within private homes, playing games such as poker. Much like other anti-gambling states in the United States, the government will most likely not bust individual gamblers, but rather focuses more on bigger operations and illegal bookmakers.

The benefit of going the route of betting at home or playing through a charitable operator, is that bettors at least have an option. However, the downfall is that sports betting is not one of those options.

Is it possible to see these laws change in the future? Alaska became one of the first U.S. states to legalize recreational use of marijuana, so anything is possible. The state — known for its conservative approach — has slowly shown a libertarian side, which means laws against organized sports betting may reversed in the future.

Until then, bettors don’t have many options aside from taking their business to an online sports book.

Legal Alaska Betting Sites & Online Sportsbooks 

Much like other states where gambling is strictly enforced, there are no regulations in Alaska against sports gaming online, which is gaining in popularity worldwide. Because much of the online gaming industry is done offshore, many American states have their hands tied in policing online sports wagering.

There are several intriguing online sportsbooks to use, all of which are legal in the state of Alaska.

Among the leaders is, which is known for having the best online betting as well as the best promotions — two important things for bettors to look at when selecting a web-based sportsbook.

Bovada offers new customers to their website a welcome bonus just for signing up. The offer includes a 100 percent bonus of up to $250. From there, bettors can choose from a wide array of sports — from professional football to international soccer — and place their bets safely, and legally, online.

If you’re always on the road, is considered to be one of top online sportsbooks on a mobile device. BetOnline also offers an extensive list of sports to bet on and has a horse racing book that is among the best around.

The bottom line is, because the state of Alaska is regulated when it comes to traditional sports wagering, the options to place money on big matchups online is growing steadily.

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