Arkansas Legal Sports Betting

Arkansas is not widely considered to be a sports gambling state, which is why it comes as no surprise lawmakers there have restricted sports wagering of any kind. In fact, Arkansas has very restrictive gambling policies in general, which are limited to horse and dog racing. However, that doesn’t mean Arkansas residents are shut out when it comes to sports betting online by using a reputable company such as Bovada and BetOnline.

Arkansas Online Sports Betting is breaking down all 50 American state’s sports betting rules and regulations. In our latest edition, we are looking at the state of Arkansas, which is among many locations that restricts sportsbook betting. There are several other rules and regulations that prohibit residents in Arkansas from betting on any money-making games such as slot machines and other card table games.

Bettors in Arkansas looking for any sort of gambling service have been out of luck of the years, as state laws strictly enforce wagering of any kind. However, there are two cities in particular that offer some casino-style gaming along with horse and dog racing. There are no specific laws that restrict sports gambling, but mainly because it would become redundant as the state’s strict laws against gambling also applies to sports wagering.

That doesn’t mean sports bettors can’t take their business to reputable and licenced offshore services such as — one of the leading online sportsbook providers. Arkansas’ strict laws apply within the state but are not enforced when it comes to betting online, which means residents can safely and legally put their money on professional sports teams by using this option.

Offshore online sportsbooks are regulated and licensed by gaming commissions in their own countries, which is a benefit for American states that don’t allow sports betting.

Arkansas may lack professional sports teams to bet on, but the state is known for its strong college teams — in particular the NCAA’s Razorbacks.

Traditional sports bettors will be wary of making the leap to the online wagering world, as people still prefer to hand physical money to sportbooks rather than using a credit card to place wagers. However, online sportsbooks such as Bovada and make it a seamless transition, even for old school bettors.

Legal Arkansas Betting Sites & Online Sportsbooks 

It’s not unusual for residents in Arkansas to take their business to the online betting world, where it is a safe and legal process. With several U.S. states banning betting through live sportsbooks, people have no other choice than to turn to online websites, which continue to grow in popularity.

The signup process is an easy one: once you’ve create an account using personal information and a legitimate email address, bettor in Arkansas can begin putting their money down on any sport from NFL football to international club soccer matches.

In an effort to lure in new customers, online sports betting sites such as Bovada offer welcome bonuses — or in other words — free betting cash. Bovada offers a 100% welcome bonus of up to $250 for new customers and all that is required is signing up with a new account.

Bettors in Arkansas can go from not being able to lay down a wager to having every professional sport to bet on by taking the online wagering route.

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